You can make most rooms in the home seem larger by simply eliminating some furniture and altering the arrangement of whatever’s left. In a bathroom however, this isn’t usually feasible. If you take anything away, it will no longer be able to do what you need it to do. If you shift items about, the room could become even more crowded than before. There are, however, some great ways to make a tiny bathroom seem much larger than it is, and whether you intend to sell your home or just want to live in it more comfortably, they are definitely worth exploring. Read on to find out more. 

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Use Just One Colour 

Having everything in the room be mostly the same colour improves the overall appearance of the space. If you have a dark floor and light walls, for example, you will be visually cutting the space up into parts, which will only serve to make the room seem smaller, not larger. It’s far better to have everything one colour as there will be no definitive cuts or breaks. 

If you must create contrast, choose one thing to do it with. An example would be a cabinet or your lighting or perhaps the window shutters. As a result, the object that is distinct from everything else will seem to be a statement piece rather and won’t detract so much from the size of the room.

Tile The Whole Room 

It’s a good idea to tile all the way to the ceiling to make a space seem really large, or at least larger than it would have looked otherwise. Leaving a space between the top of the tiles and the ceiling may have a detrimental impact on the room; it will split it, just as the different colours would. 

Not only will tiling from the floor to the ceiling help to increase the feeling of space within the bathroom, but it will also be ideal from a practical standpoint. It means that no moisture can seep behind the tiles and potentially cause damp, mould, or other issues later on, which can be costly to fix. 

Use Clear Glass 

When your plumber installs your shower, request that clear glass, not frosted glass, be used in the screen. Clear glass opens up the area and lets in more light, while textured or frosted glass creates a barrier in the room, cutting it into parts rather than allowing it to be one continuous space. 

Mirrors are another great way to use glass. The larger the mirror, the better, since it will reflect a lot more light into the space, making it seem much bigger. However, you should avoid having one mirror on each side of the sink unit since it further compartmentalises the space, and again splits it. Keeping the bathroom as one cohesive area is by far the best option at all times. 

Make Use Of Natural Light

Use natural light in your bathroom whenever you can, whether you do this by adding a skylight, widening the size of the window, or even installing solar tubes if there is no way to get more natural light into the room. Natural light doesn’t just make the room look bigger; it’s great for positive thoughts and good wellbeing and mental health, and if you spend a lot of time relaxing in the tub, this natural light can be the perfect addition to creating a sanctuary in your home.