The mess is one of the worst things about home renovations. Before you can enjoy your new home, you have to clean up all of the dust and the paint spills, and living with all of that mess during the renovation can be a real pain. However, if you take steps to keep your home clean throughout the renovation, you can make life a lot easier for yourself. These are some of the best ways to keep your home clean during a remodel. 

Source – Pixabay CCO License

Move All Of The Furniture Out 

The easiest way to keep a room clean while you are decorating it is to simply move all of the furniture out. Find yourself an affordable self storage unit and put all of your furniture in there for a few days. That way, you don’t need to worry about getting paint on furniture or damaging it, and it’s easy to clear up the dust without having to move things around all of the time. 

Cover Things Properly

In some cases, you may have furniture that is difficult to get out of the room or fragile pieces that you don’t really want to move. If removing things is not an option, you need to make sure that you cover them properly. Don’t just throw a dust sheet over the top and leave it because paint can still soak through and dust will get underneath. It’s best to use plastic dust sheets and make sure to tape them to the floor so you have complete protection. 

Separate Rooms 

If you can isolate the area that is being renovated, you can stop the mess and dust from spreading around the rest of the house. Plastic sheets over the doors are a simple but effective way to do this, and if possible, use a separate door to get in and out of the room that is being renovated. You can also stop dust and dirt from spreading if you use shoe covers that you take off whenever you leave the room. As long as you are aware of the mess and you are careful, you can stop it from spreading. 

Clean At The End Of Every Day 

If you spend a week renovating a room and then clean up all of the mess at the end, you will have a big job on your hands. However, if you spend 10 minutes tidying the room, throwing out any rubbish and vacuuming up the dust at the end of each day, you can stay on top of things. When you come to do the final cleanup at the end of the renovation, it will be much easier. If you are going to be creating lots of dust, it may be a good idea to invest in a better vacuum cleaner before you start the renovation. 

You’re always going to create a lot of mess during a renovation and there’s no way to avoid it. But if you follow these tips, you can stay on top of it and make the cleanup a lot easier.