Mindfulness:  is a state of purposeful attention in the present.

Being mindful is something we can all benefit from.  With our busy, hectic, stressful lives, time passes by and before you know it a year has past.  Being mindful can lead towards inner peace and positivity and can help us be more present in the moment.  That way life won’t feel like it is just flying past.


Daily Habits

Develop daily habits.  Just start off small and choose positive habits that become part of your daily routine.  Mine is running and taking that time to myself.  Think of something that makes you happy and make it a habit.



Notice The Environment

Take notice of the environment and how it changes with the seasons.  Stay connected to your surroundings and your feelings and take note of what is around you.  The kids and I drive past this blossom tree daily and we always comment on how it’s forever changing.  Here it is in full bloom and it makes us all feel happy as it reminds us that warm weather is on it’s way.




Prioritise what is important to you.  Prioritise the practice of being mindful and put this at the top of your list.


Break Your Day Into Parts

Breaking your day into parts and by creating lists this allows you to focus on your day, what you need to achieve and prioritise and basically how you will spend your day, which ultimately is your life.



Watch What You Eat

Because what you eat will effect your mood and how you feel.  Be mindful about what you are eating and take a conscious effort to eat as healthy as you can.



Listen Don’t Hear

Listen to what others have to say.  You may just learn something from them.  Take the time to be attentive and show interest.


Listen to Your Inner Voice

If something just doesn’t fit or feel right then listen to that voice and say no.  On the other hand if you just need that little push of persuasion and courage, often that voice inside our head is saying go for it, so listen to that voice.


Get A Good Night Sleep

This is so important.  Rest is the best medicine that you can give your body and no one is a champion for staying up all night.  When you rest, your body and mind regenerate and repair themselves ready to tackle the new day.