My three kids are finally settling into school and getting into the swing of doing homework.  They are back to doing their activities after school although we have skipped a few classes due to having too much homework or the kids have just been too tired.  Baking chocolate chip biscuits fixes everything though.  Here are some pictures of my home lately.


We had some beautiful weather in Melbourne this week.  It hasn’t been too hot nor too cold so perfect for settling back into the school year.


I am loving indoor plants at the moment and especially ones that spill over their pots.  I moved this one into my ensuite.


I love having a tidy kitchen.  It stays like this all day now.  Until 3.30pm anyway.


I bought some beautiful roses to brighten the place.  I adore roses and carnations together.


The kids are still using the pool as the weather has been beautiful.


A bit of colour in my lounge room.


How’s your week been?  Have your kids settled back into school?