As I write this post it’s actually the last day of Summer.  Wow, where did that time go?  I have to say though,  I do love Autumn. It’s probably my favourite season.  Time is flying around here.  Today I thought I’d share a bit of my week in pictures.


Salt&Pepper delivered my gorgeous black cutlery and grey and white dinnerware.  I am in love.  Don’t you think that food looks so much nicer on lovely plates?


I adore these birch photo blocks by Love JK Australia.  A cute surprise in the mail last week.  How lovely that Love JK Australia printed my family pics for me.  This would make a great Mothers Day gift I think.


Who doesn’t love a donut after school?   I am in love with the black cutlery from Salt&Pepper too.


Beach days are the best aren’t they?


Here is Archer, who loves to have his photo taken.  I’ll get what I can, while I can, as I know he will grow out of this gorgeous stage.  Six years olds are full of curiosity and wonder.  He could spend hours playing at the beach.  We must do this more often.  The older two came for the fish n chips (ha ha).


It was great to spend a day at the beach and in a way farewell another beautiful Summer in Melbourne Australia.

What have you been up to?