Redecorating your bathroom is a great way to enhance your home but you don’t need to blow your budget to achieve a stunning finish. With savvy planning and creative interior design, you can revamp your bathroom for a minimal cost. Before you start your bathroom remodel, check out these money-saving tips and tricks to make the most of your budget…

Focus on flooring

Flooring is important in any room, but it has a major impact in a bathroom. By making the floor a focal point, you can draw the eye and really nail your chosen design. Whether you want to make a large space cosier or make your bathroom seem bigger than it really is, the right flooring can help to create any atmosphere. 

What’s more – the range of options available means you can really double-down on your savings when it comes to flooring. Vinyl and linoleum are popular choices for budget bathrooms. Not only are they relatively cheap to purchase, but they’re also resistant to stains and require very little maintenance. With luxury options available, you can choose from a vast array of colours and patterns, so there’s certain to be something that fits with your vision. 

While ceramic tiles are also a popular choice, these will cost a little more and eat up more of your budget. In addition to this, their glossy finish can increase the risk of slips, trips and falls, so they may not be the best choice if you’re remodelling a family bathroom and want to enhance safety. 

Laminate flooring is often used in bedrooms and living areas, but new, water-resistant options are also available for bathrooms. These are a great choice as they can withstand everyday use but also offer a luxury effect. Easy to install and fairly cheap to buy, you can create a stunning visual impact while only using up a fraction of your budget. 

Add luxury lighting

Unless you’re extending your bathroom or undertaking a major remodelling project, it’s unlikely you’ll be adding new windows while you’re revamping your bathroom. But this doesn’t mean you can increase the amount of lighting and enhance your surroundings. 

Although lighting needs to be functional, particularly if you’ll be applying makeup or styling your hair in situ, it can be decorative too. Recessed spotlights are ideal for a contemporary finish, while ornate chandelier-style designs complement traditional styles perfectly. 

Remember – there are certain guidelines you’ll need to follow when you’re choosing lighting for your bathroom. Due to the risks of mixing water and electric, bathroom lighting needs to have certain safeguards. Choosing lights from dedicated bathroom ranges is a must and having them professionally installed is advisable too. 

Replace fixtures and fittings

The quickest way to revamp your bathroom is to change the colour scheme and replace consumables. However, changing the fixtures and fittings really isn’t too much of a hassle and will make a major difference to the room. When you upgrade your sink or shower, for example, you can opt for a new style or even switch things up and incorporate a different colour scheme. 

What’s more, replacing the fixtures and fittings means you’ll benefit from a practical upgrade, as well as a visual one. When you use professional plumbing services to have your new fittings installed, you can take the opportunity to improve the existing pipework, water flow and drainage, for example. As well as minimising the risk of subsequent problems, such as leaks or flooding, this will ensure your bathroom is easier and more enjoyable to use. 

If you want to reduce your long-term costs, as well as maximising your remodelling budget, think about installing eco-friendly fittings. Low-flow showerheads still offer great power but use much less water. In addition to being better for the environment, using less water can have an impact on your utility bills too. 

Reuse existing furniture

If you want to give your bathroom a new lease of life without blowing your savings, take the time to revamp your existing bathroom furniture. Cabinets, cupboards and storage units can look tired over time, particularly when they’re exposed to moisture and high levels of humidity every day. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get them to look their best again. 

There are plenty of ideas and guides online, so you gain inspiration from a variety of sources. Even if you’ve never tried any DIY before, you’ll find a range of easy projects that even complete beginners can take on. From giving cupboard doors a fresh lick of paint to distressing storage centres and building a bespoke basin unit around your sink, there are endless ways to enhance your bathroom when you make the most of what you’ve already got. 

Of course, it isn’t just bathroom furniture which can be repurposed. If you’ve got pieces of furniture in other areas of your home that you’re not getting use out of, consider whether they could work with your new bathroom design. Providing they’re enhanced with materials that are suitable for bathroom use, they could make a great addition to your luxury bathroom design. 

Coordinate your accessories

When you’re creating a new bathroom, it isn’t just the major features you need to focus on. The smaller touches make a big impact too, so take the time to factor them into your interior design plans. Although bathrooms tend to be the smallest areas of the home, they contain a surprising number of accessories, so you can really make your mark when you incorporate them into your designs. 

From matching soap dispensers and toothpaste holders to chrome trays and ceramic cupboard handles; the right accessories complete a design and bring it to life. 

Creating a Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

Successful redecorating relies on careful planning, particularly when you’re working on a tight budget. While it can be tempting to jump right in and start stripping wallpaper and removing tiles straight away, it’s best to plan your remodel in detail before you start work. This will give you the time to find designs you love and explore innovative ways to modify them in order to create a spectacular luxury bathroom in your own home.