There comes a point at which your home needs a makeover, and your gut will tell you when that is. Maybe the home has started to wear out after a long time, maybe you’ve had kids and the growing family has turned the place into a tip, or maybe you’ve all just stopped looking after the place. Whatever the case, here are some tips to show you the right way to give your home a makeover.


Getting rid of your old junk is definitely the first step to giving your home a makeover. You can’t start with the improvements until you’ve got rid of all the old and unused items which are holding your home back. You could hire cheap skip bins to dispose of your clutter because we often put off decluttering the junk from our homes because of the old furnishings and other big items which are not easily thrown away. This is a good opportunity to realize which things you do and don’t need around the house. It might help you avoid hoarding in the future.

Improve the lighting

There are so many ways to invite natural light into your home during the day, and this could have a huge effect on your home. Firstly, as part of your makeover process, you probably want to give the walls a fresh coat of paint; white is a great color of choice because it’ll brighten the room through reflected light which pours through the windows. This is your greatest resource during the day. You can put up mirrors in rooms to help reflect natural light as well.


Use the power of the sun to your advantage during the day. During the evening, you should use artificial lighting which suits the room. Bright light works in a bathroom, but it’s harsh and discomforting in a living room. Opt for softer lights and think about the ways in which the colors of the room complement this light; everything down to your furnishings is important to creating a comforting, welcoming, and relaxing glow from your lamps or overhead lights.

Create Storage Space

If you don’t want your home to become a tip again then you need to be smarter about the storage space available to you in the future. You might be living in an old property with limited closet space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with hanging up your clothes. You could build a DIY wire and laminate closet on the back of a door or create extra shelving to store clothes such as t-shirts which can be neatly folded and piled up.

Shelving is your best friend when it comes to creative ideas with your storage space. You could create a far better kitchen by putting up shelving on the walls to store all those odd bits and pieces which end up finding their “home” on your kitchen’s countertop. You want things to remain neat and tidy, so build a home for kitchen utensils which don’t have one. The same goes for your living room; build shelving for loose DVDs and other items which are lying around the room. When it comes to your bedroom, you could get creative and store things under your bed as well as one on the walls.

Giving your home a makeover isn’t just about making it look nice today. You need to find a way to ensure that it won’t get messy, worn-out, or unappealing in appearance within another few months. See this project as an opportunity to figure out better ways in which you could look after your home.