Security and style aren’t usually two things that go hand in hand with each other, especially when it comes to giving your home a makeover. Yet, there is more to it than putting up a few “beware of the dog” signs. And yes, while installing a top of the range security system has to be a priority for you, and there are sophisticated security systems you can operate remotely from your smartphone or laptop, but there are a few little ways to keep your home nicely secure, but without it looking like Fort Knox!

Secure Locks

We’ll begin here. Your entryway has to be as secure as you can make it, and while the sight of bolts and locks aren’t the most stylish of accessories for a front door, you can invest in a thicker type of door that is more in keeping with your décor. Places like Uneek Security Doors have different styles, such as the colonial castings effect as well as the standard looks, like traditional wrought iron, and while so many security doors aren’t particularly attractive, you can pick a style to suit.

Lighting As A Deterrent

Probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to putting thieves off the scent of your home is to leave a light on when you leave the house or put the lights on a timer to come on at specific points in the day. It’s something that works when you go on vacation, and when you come home late, so make the most of it.

Using Mirrors

Big mirrors add style to a home, and also, when placed right, can make hallways look bigger than they actually are, but mirrors also help to provide additional security if you have a concern in the middle of the night. You can easily see people entering and leaving certain rooms, and if you place the mirror on a corner at a good angle, if you had someone break in during the night, you’d be able to see where they are first.

Curtains And Blinds Help To Hide Valuables

Stylish curtains or Venetian blinds will help to hide that TV by the window, especially if you live in a high-crime area. You can’t be too careful now, and seeing as a lot of thieves “size up” what property they’re going to strike next by having a recce around the neighborhood and seeing who has what, you’d be safer covering up your windows and moving valuable items away from plain view.

A Well Maintained Garden

It’s funny, a stylish and looked-after lawn and back garden will be a deterrent for thieves, mainly because thieves can hide in big bushes and tall shrubbery. By looking after your garden, and keeping everything trimmed, it doesn’t give a burglar many options for hiding if they’re caught out. If you have areas with obstructed corners or overgrown plants that look like they could be blocking something, get them trimmed or place additional lighting in the garden that is motion-activated.