SKEANIE shoes for kids have designs that are classic leather footwear for little feet. SKEANIE shoes allow the feet to develop without restriction. Children’s feet are soft and pliable making them prone to damage from abnormal pressure, such as shoes which are too small or ill-fitting.


SKEANIE infant shoes are handcrafted from soft, high quality genuine leather to allow feet to breathe and grow naturally. The elasticised collar keeps the shoe fitted snugly around the ankle and the textured suede sole provides superior grip whilst crawling and walking.  Allowing babies to wear leather soft soled shoes helps the foot to grow normally and promotes the grasping action of the toes which is essential when learning to walk.


The SKEANIE Junior range is the transition shoe which features eco-leather uppers, super lightweight flexible soles and ‘FLEX-easeTM’ technology. These soft, light-weight shoes will transition little feet to the next stage: SKEANIE Kids range.


Our KIDS Range of foot­wear caters for our customers with growing feet. The Kids Range of shoes is made from soft leather, is light-weight & has flexible soles.


SKEANIE shoes are designed in Australia and Fair-Trade made.

SKEANIE shoes have been recognised for contributing to the health of little feet and SKEANIE is an Associate Partner of The AUSTRALIAN PODIATRY ASSOCIATION (NSW).

I was lucky enough to be gifted this gorgeous pair of gumboots for Archer.

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