As the family work and life balance is becoming increasingly harder to juggle, a lot more people are working from home.  Now we all don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated home office room in the house,  but it would be nice.  It is becoming more and more popular for home offices to fit into the smallest of spaces and nooks.  In fact, I caught up with a lovely of friend of mine today who recently took on a full time job with the bonus of working from home one day a week.  So, today I thought I’d show you small space home office ideas that will have you working from home in no time.

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1. Efficiency

Spaces may be small but being efficient is this key.  Keep it simple with only the essentials and this space will work wonderfully for you.


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2. Along A Wall

Do you have a spare wall that a desk could fit along?  It doesn’t have to be a big space as there as so many desk sizes available you will definitely find one to fit.  If not, you could always get a cabinet maker to make one for you.


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3. Shelving

Keep your office space organised by having sufficient storage and using shelves to house those everyday items you use.  Displaying a simply vignette will personalise this space and a shelf is perfect as it doesn’t take up valuable desk space.


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4. Rethink your space

Do you have a spare cupboard or nook?  I created my own home office space in a spare nook in my lounge room.  This space was useless for anything else.  I bought a desk to fit the space and put shelving above to keep me organised.  Take a look around your home, you may find space you think you didn’t have.


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5. Corners

Corners a great for home offices.  A desk will fit snuggly into a corner.  Think about what lighting you will need if it is a dark corner and personalise the space so that it defines the area.


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6. Personalise

That brings me to the most important aspect of all.  When you work from home you don’t have to fit in with guidelines and rules so personalise your space so you feel happy working there.  Think about a gorgeous chair, a funky rung and your favourite artwork.  Don’t forget flowers, a family picture and of course your favourite stationery.


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Do you work from home?  What’s your workspace like?