I have 3 special men in my life.  My hubby, my teenage son and my very active little 6 year old.  As the weather turns a little cooler on this side of the world, we start to think about rugging up a bit more and stocking up on some Autumn/Winter clothing.  Now styling my men is sometimes a little tricky but I have a couple of simple tips that get me through.


When styling your man this Autumn think about jackets and cardigans for killer layers. The Politix range here is good for inspiration. My boys get hot so layering is a great way for them to stay warm and comfortable.  Jackets are perfect for the transition into the cooler months.


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My boys are all about style and most importantly comfort when it comes to shoes.  A good pair of runners or trainers is a must have for my boys wardrobes.


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I keep the colour palette fairly neutral for the older 2, nothing to loud and bright.  A simple black shirt for when its time to get a bit dressed up.


Also a couple of pairs of jeans to see them through and a couple of Tshirts too.  That way they are ready for any occasion and look smart, feel comfortable and most importantly there will be no complaining. Well I hope so anyway.