When your washing machine stops working it can feel as though the entire household comes to a stand still. No matter how organised you are, there is always a pile of laundry which never seems to get any smaller as the days go by. If your machine were to break down unexpectedly you would certainly struggle to stay on top of your day to day chores. To avoid any unnecessary break downs of your beloved washing machine, here are a few life hacks you should know about.

Use a Washing Machine Cleaner

Many people believe that washing machines naturally clean themselves because they are designed to clean your clothes. However, dirt and limescale can build up over time leaving your washing machine pretty gross inside. On a regular basis, you should use something like this pine o cleen washing machine cleaner. This type of washing machine cleaner has antibacterial properties that remove hidden dirt, bad odours and limescale. As well as prolonging the life of your washing machine, it also helps to clean your clothes more effectively.

Don’t Overfill It

Overfilling your washing machine doesn’t effectively clean your clothing as it causes everything to bundle together in one lump. In some cases, it can also cause the glass door to explode as there is too much pressure on the machine. Overloading your washing machine can also add extra pressure to the motor which can damage the machine over time. When filling your washing machine make sure you follow the guidelines for your particular appliance.

Use High Quality Detergent

Laundry detergents are packed full of useful ingredients to help maintain your machine over time. Although it may work out to be slightly more expensive, you should try and use higher quality detergents so that they are better for your machine in the long run.

Get a Yearly Service

The more often you get your washing machine serviced, the longer it is going to last. Hiring a professional engineer to take a look at your machine on a yearly basis will give you peace of mind that everything is working effectively. If you are looking to get many years out of your washing machine a regular service will help you to stay on top of all repairs before it becomes a bigger problem.

Take Out Appliance Insurance

Having appliance insurance on your washing machine will give you peace of mind that you can get it fixed if there was ever a fault. In the long run, appliance insurance can save you a lot of money, especially if you are running an expensive machine that will be costly to replace. 

Prolonging the life of your washing machine will not only save you a lot of money in the long run, but it will prevent your appliance from being out of action unexpectedly. Whether you clean it on a regular basis or you book it in for a yearly service, all of these things can ensure your washing machine lives a long and happy life!