Instagram has been a busy place over the  last few weeks, I’ve shared a lots of pictures of things I love and pictures about what we have been doing over the school holidays.  I cleaned up my caravan whilst hubby mowed the lawns.  We love getting down to beach and cannot wait till we start to build our holiday house.


You can see my post on my caravan makeover here.


I’m loving these earrings I found over on Etsy.  Not sure when I would to get to wear them but I love them so much.  You can purchase them here.



I love taking Archer to the park in the school holidays.  He is still on training wheels and loves to go around and around in circles.  Boy am I going to miss him in 2 weeks time when he starts school.


I love my gold glitter Nikes.  They sparkle in the sun.  You can purchase similar from here.


This free printable says it all.  You can download your copy here to hang up at your place.


I bought a few things for Archer’s bedroom.  As he is off to school I wanted to get him some more grown up items for his room.

‘Everything is awesome’ pillow case and paper bag is from a gorgeous on line store called Henry and Co.   There are lots of other lovely items that you will want to purchase.  All from here.

What things are you loving at the moment, anything here catch your eye?