The summer is rolling around quickly, and it’s the perfect time to sort through that to-do list for your home. A lot of households will be taking advantage of the long daylight available and the warm weather to get things done around the property. Here are some great tips to help revamp your home for and during the summer. It’s always good to have your home feeling and looking refreshed.

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Do Some Painting

Seeing as you have the warm weather, it’s a good opportunity to do some painting around the home. You might want to switch up your color themes in the home and therefore paint entire walls a different color, or it could be a simple case of doing some touch-ups. At the very least touch-ups on necessary to do around the home because they can help make the home feeling less worn or tired. A lot of scuffs and bumps can occur throughout the home on a daily or weekly basis, and over time, even the toughest of paint is likely to be buffed or chipped away. With that in mind, get out the paint and a brush or roller and start going around each room to find the areas that need going over. For bigger projects, where you’re painting entire rooms, make sure you’ve got a temporary set up of somewhere to sleep when it comes to bedrooms. Sometimes, the paint might take a little longer to dry, and you don’t want to be sleeping in a room that’s full of paint fumes. That’s not good for your health, and so you’ll want to set up some temporary makeshift beds elsewhere.

Sort Out Your Backyard

The backyard for many households can be a place that tends to get neglected but is actually a place that’s often used regularly during the summertime. However, if there were a little more care and attention spent on the outside areas of your home, you’d likely spend more time in them, regardless of the time of year. Use this warm period of the year to sort out your backyard once and for all. It might be a project that’s a bit more than simply pulling up dead plants, and it could be that you completely redo some of the landscape or perhaps install some new decking to really elevate the space. Replacing any worn, outdoor furniture might be useful because that way, you’ve got something to sit on. Find durable outdoor furniture that will last and still look as good as new, years down the line.

Have A Clear Out

Decluttering your home is a must, and it’s something you want to do at least once a year. There are so many things that we can collect individually, let alone as a household, and these things can often get pushed to the back of closets and not seen again until years later. Try to do a declutter as often as you can, with the summer being an ideal time to do so. Sort through your clothing and donate any items that no longer fit you or that you simply don’t wear anymore. Find storage solutions for anything that doesn’t have a home, and you’ll find your space is a lot more enjoyable and functional as a result. When it comes to doing a clear out, make sure you’re involving the rest of the household. Just doing it yourself will likely result in you holding back on chucking things out or chucking out belongings that someone else in the household wanted to keep. Doing it as a team can also quicken the time it takes for you to do it.

Do A Deep Clean

A deep clean is something you might want to do annually because there can be certain things around the home that might get missed when cleaning on a weekly or daily basis. Things like the skirting boards and doing a deep clean of your oven or dishwasher is a great way to ensure you keep your appliances running efficiently and your home in general, looking a lot more presentable. Jot down everything you need to clean in order to do a deep clean and organize it by room to make it easier. 

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Switch Up The Interior Decor

When you’re after a bit of a change with your home, it can always be good to spend a bit of money on switching up your interior decor. If you’re trying to save money or to budget your spending on revamping the home, it’s good to focus your changes on soft furnishings. These are things like your pillows, duvet covers and throws. You might also want to change up framed artwork with different pieces. The small changes you make can often make the biggest of differences, so don’t feel the need to spend hundreds on revamping your home when it can be done on a budget. Switch up your interior decor for the summer, and it’s something you can always do again as the autumn comes around. Adding different colors to the space can make a big difference to how your home looks.

Do Some Maintenance Checks

Maintaining your home when it comes to your most valuable goods is important. These are things like your boiler, the roof and white goods such as your dishwasher, laundry machine etc. Maintenance checks are good to do on all these household essentials, and annual checks are usually standard when it comes to things like your roof and boilers. You might also want to replace any fisher and paykel dryer parts while you’re at it in order to make sure everything works properly.

Revamping your home for the summer can be a fun project that you do, whether it’s a few small changes or doing a big overhaul of your spaces. Look at what needs some attention and start making a list for you to work through over the summer period. Keep up with any maintenance checks and do regular declutters where possible.