I just love washi tape.  The possibilities are endless and it is only limited to your imagination.  I created some artwork with my washi tapes.  I decorated this cross piece from black tape.


These badges are of my vignettes.  You can create mini badges from your favourite Instagram photos.  It’s such a great idea and its perfect for a small thank you or kids birthday present.  You can order them from Printstagram here.


I added some crosses to the wall above the bed shown above.  The great thing about washi tape is when you are over it you can simply pull it off.


I also created a card from paint chips.  I used a small circle cup to trace on the paint chips and then I cut out the circles.  I layered them over each other sticking them down to create this effect.


Here are some other clever washi tape ideas you can try at home.


Image from here


Image from  here


Image from here

So if you can get your hands on some washi tape then the projects are endless.  I hope I’ve inspired you.