Tara Dennis from Better Homes and Gardens has created a new homeware line called the Water Drop Collection.  Creating by puddling around in colour, Tara says ‘Water Drop started this way, I found myself creating a series of ‘drops’ which are such a lovely shape and so satisfying to paint’.


There’s lots to love about this lovely range like these delightful casserole dishes.


These gorgeous mugs in pale blue and navy would be perfect for that morning cuppa.


A lovely tea set in beautiful blues.


These are also rugs in the range too.  All reasonably priced.  You can purchase these products online  here.

All of the Tara Dennis collections are inspired by Tara’s love for the coast.

There are now four Tara Dennis ranges available, Calypso, Sweethearts, Watermark and the latest Water Drop.

All images courtesy of Tara Dennis .