The other day I found the best roadside find.  I had to take a double look and stopped the car.

There were not one but two old looking chairs in a rubbish pile.  The pile was so old and neglected it had grass growing through it.  I pulled out the chairs and realised they were Windsor chairs.  I quickly threw them into the boot and drove home with my goodies.


They were both in extremely good condition, sturdy and not cracked.  They were just weathered like this.



Lot of ideas were running through my head about how I was going to restore them.


I flicked through all my magazines and got lots and lots of ideas.


I’m definitely going to paint them a pastel shade, mint and lemon perhaps?


Freedom Furniture have a new catalogue out and I spied a similar chair in the yellow.

windsor 4_opt

The Windsor chair comes in lots of designs.

I’ll let you know how I go and I cannot wait to show you the finished product.