It’s always exciting when you get to freshen up some old decor. And thankfully, it’s something that only tends to come around every few years or so. As much as that’s much kinder on your bank account (and your body when you’re doing it yourself), it often leaves us feeling out of practice when we come back around to do it all again. When you’re a little rusty, you may miss a step or not quite get the renovation up to the standard that you’d like it. So it’s often handy to give yourself a bit of a refresher before you begin. If you’re looking to redo an old room sometime soon and you want to get the most out of it, here are the tips to try out.

Look For Your Inspiration

When you’re keen to just get it done, it’s easy to just want to dive on in with a pot of paint and a few fabric swatches. But this can be dangerous and leave you with a room looking a little higgledy-piggledy. So, you need to hold back a bit and search for some inspiration instead. It’s always worth knowing that you’re trying to achieve before you start. So dig out some decorating ideas in magazines and online. Pinterest is always a safe place to head to for this too.

Rip Out & Restore


So now that you know exactly what you want to create, you can go a little crazy with the hammer and sander. Because it’s time to rip out what you no longer like. But, you should do this carefully, because there may be features that you can restore rather than replace. Choose wisely. If the carpet is threadbare, throw it. But if your skirting is still in good shape, it may be smarter to spruce them up than replace them.

Lay The Basics


By now, you should be looking at more or less an empty shell. So it’s time to get the basics in. And by basics, we mean the walls, flooring and ceiling. Whether you want to work with professional painters or you plan on laying the flooring yourself, or vice versa, you need to choose an option that will give you the best results. Because shoddy work won’t last and you’ll be back doing the same room again in just a few short years.

Work In Your Furniture

Then it’s onto the furniture. And getting your home styling just right here really matters. If you want to create a space that is going to look good, you have to ensure that your furniture choices work. From picking out something stylish to not overcrowding things, make sure you add pieces in one by one to get it just right.

Choose Some Modern Additions


Finally, you may want to work with some modern additions too. Whether it’s a smart thermostat or a digital fireplace, you may find that modern additions ensure that the room can last and won’t need redoing again when the setup you already have starts to break down.