Around My home we’ve been slowly getting back to a routine.  All the kids are back to school and I have been driving, driving and driving.  Early drop offs for swimming carnivals ( I know early in the year for that), early pick ups for settling into primary school and early dismissals from each high school.  It’s great to be back into routine though.feb1_opt

These chocolate drops went down a treat and are a favourite at our place.  You can view the recipe here when I blogged about it.


I managed to get some organising done whilst the kids are at school and got stuck back into blogging for the year.


The house stayed clean all day.  Boy, it sure needed a tidy up but when it was done, it stayed that way all day.


I was thankful to have the kids home again, making noise and even making mess.  The weather has finally heated up in Melbourne for the weekend and so I am sure we will be swimming all day.


I am loving this little stool from Kmart, you can read about the bargains I found on my post here.


The weather has been a bit cool in Melbourne but it looks like it warming up now.


Afternoon tea from Joy Cupcakes.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of a clean kitchen.

How’s your week been? Are your kids back at school?