I finally got to sit down and read my new magazines.  It has been such a busy week around here.  I have three children at three different schools so it can get a little bit hectic.  I can lock myself away in here and just read, well for 5 minutes anyway.



My fiddle leaf fig  plant is still going strong.  I love the vibrant green leaves against the hot pink.  It sure does brighten up the place a bit.


Nothing beats buying yourself a fresh bunch of flowers and this week I chose roses for my Lovestar vase.  The colour on these roses is amazing and when they fully open up I am sure they will be even more beautiful.



We are still having lots of fun with the lightbox.  Archer keeps asking “when are we going to dance Mum”?  Get down tonight!


We could do with more rain around here too.  Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.  I love the LED lights on the pool and when it turns blue its my favourite.

What’s new around your home?