I’m thinking of adding a bath to my ensuite.  Once the extension of the master bedroom is complete later on this year, I will have added an extra 4 metres to the master bedroom area.  I am adding a walk in robe, which will then enter into the ensuite.  I have the option to take away some of the walk in robe space to add a bath, and I am seriously considering it.  My WIR will still be huge, but the luxury of having a deep bath is one I will sacrifice a bit of cupboard space for.


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I adore the shape of this free standing bath and love the taps that are mounted on the wall.


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Love this one also and I love the black taps.  I really like this overall style, the tiles, the bath and the styling.


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I adore the black taps and I really like this one.  The tiles in this ensuite are very similar to what I have now.


Here are some pictures of my ensuite and what it currently looks like.  It is very narrow with the shower down one end and the toilet down the other.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2_opt_opt

I am also thinking about getting a double basin.  I will need to move the existing vanity that I have to make way for the bath.  So now is a good chance to update the vanity.   I really love these designs that have single and double basins.


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I’ll keep you updated with the my progress.  There are so many choices. I think I will definitely get a bath though.  There would be nothing better that having a soak in my own bathroom, in my own bath, just a few minutes of bliss and peace. Ahhh.