There is no hiding that I love a cushion or two and it seems that a lot of my followers do also.


I have lost count at how many cushions I actually own.  The good thing about having lots of cushions is that you can mix and match and create different styles, without spending a cent.

cushion 2_opt

I love to buy my cushions from lots of different places.  None of them match and they are all different colours, patterns, sizes and textures.  I think that’s the key here, there are no rules.

cushion 1_opt


You can add cushions to your kids bedrooms.  It doesn’t matter how crazy and colourful you go in here as long as the kids love it.  Here is my daughters bedroom.


Have fun with textures, patterns, sizes and colour.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t match.  Have fun and go with what you like.


Over on Instagram there is even a hashtag dedicated to cushion addicts #cushionaddict.  It proved quite popular with lots of my followers admitting they are an addict.

Here are top 5 places to buy cushions:

Most of all there are no rules ( well at least I don’t think there are), just go with your gut and if you love it , then that’s all that matters and have fun.