When trying to stay fashionable and stylish, one of the most daunting things to decide on is what suits our body shape. We are all unique and everyone has a different shape and size, and if we aren’t sure exactly what that is, it can be difficult for us to choose the best clothing and fit. 

This is why today we are here to help you work out what clothes you should choose for your body shape and what to avoid. 

From Formal dresses to tracksuits, here’s how to choose the best clothes for your body shape this year. 

Apple Body Shape

If you are a little heavier on the top and you don’t have a defined waistline, you will likely be classed as an apple shape. This is a common bosy type and is often one which we struggle with when looking for the right clothes to wear. If you want to find the best fitting items for this body type you should consider items which slim the waist and create a feminine form. One such style is a wrap style top which shows off your assets in the chest department and also sinches in at the waist to make it appear smaller. 

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass is often seen as the ideal body type for women and is characterised by the bust and hips being the same width, with a waist which is much smaller. There are many celebrities which provide a good example of this body type such as Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Chastain. For this body type, you will want to show off that feminine figure with form fitting clothes which hug every curve. Bodycon styles work well for this body shape and block colors can be a great way to add some character.

Pear Body Shape

The pear shape is probably the most common body shape of all and can be characterised with a heavier lower half. This means that the hips are wider than the bust, and here you may want to make the hips slimmer and the bust appear larger. Items of clothing which are dark or have vertical lines can be great over the hips, and midi skirts and dresses give a soft and feminine style. Try to avoid skater skirts or wide leg trousers.

Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangular body shape is a common one amongst athletes and models. Here, the body is well balanced from head to toe, however this means that there is not a defined waistline or feminine form. When dressing for this body shape there are a whole myriad of fun options and styles which you can wear. Bohemian clothes with frills and lace look great with this body shape and also pieces which have extra shape to them such as peplum or shoulder pads can give off a great vibe. Adding extra padding or texture to a rectangular shaped body can be a useful way to gain a feminine figure and some real curves.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle body shape is one which is not as common as some but can be characterised by a heavier top than bottom. If you have broad shoulders and a slim hipline, the best clothing you can wear are pieces which will give some structure to the hips and make the shoulders feel slimmer. Thin strapped tops and pencil or tulip skirts can come together here to make the body feel feminine and in proportion.