Lately I’ve been wondering where the time has been going.  With no fixed routine (which is fantastic) time is quickly passing by.  I feel like January has almost slipped by without being noticed.  This is great though.  It means we ( my family) are totally relaxed and enjoying not rushing around.


Some gorgeous items arrived in the mail for Archer’s bedroom.  Henry and Co Home have a great range and Archer loves his ‘everything is awesome pillowcase’.  They even threw in a matching paper storage bag.


I’m slowly getting back to emails.  So sorry if you have emailed me in the last few days and I haven’t replied.  I promise to get back to you.  It’s just nice having a break from the blogging world and my computer.


I have sorted, cleaned and chucked things out from every room in the house.  Gosh it feels good.  I have even tackled the pantry.


I made this chocolate cake for a family birthday party.  It was a simple chocolate cake recipe and it tasted so yummy.  I just used the Betty Crocker (cheats ) icing in a tin to ice the cake and covered it in M&M’s.  So simple and so delicious.


Lately, I feel like January is flying past.  What about you?  Are you enjoying the school holidays or are you back to work and routine?