I have seen so many sheer curtains on websites, Pinterest, even The Block and have been thinking about getting them for some time.  My family room that looks out to the pool doesn’t need any window coverings for privacy but mainly just to block out some glare and I also wanted to add some flair and softness to the room that blockout blinds don’t give.


So this is one of the little projects I was telling you all about that I have finally completed.  I absolutely love the way they have turned out.  The chocolate coloured sheers from Dollar Curtains and Blinds suit the room perfectly.


My cat loves the back deck, can you see him lazing around out there.  I have kept the wallpaper for some added interest.


You can open the curtains from each side, allowing you to control where you want them to sit.


This is how they look fully closed.  I didn’t style this picture at all, this is simply how this room was left this morning so the cushions are a little all over the place.  I like the fact that you can still see the pool through the sheers.  Here are some pictures of sheers in interiors that I absolutely love.


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Gorgeous sheers from The Block Triple Threat that is currently airing keep appearing.  I adore the white sheers in Bec and George’s room that sadly got them eliminated.


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Used here in a bedroom, the sheers soften the area and give the windows privacy, height and elegance.


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I adore the white sheers. I think that if your furniture and a lot of your items/accessories are of this palette then the white sheers work wonderfully.


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I adore this space, the height of the windows, the flooring and the exposed brick wall.


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I adore the sheers in a kids bedroom too, although I can see my little boy using them to play hide and seek, but they do look really great.


Lastly, here is a picture with the lights on.  I love how the downlights shine directly down the curtains and that the wallpaper is still a feature.

Have you got sheer curtains at your place?  What type of window coverings do you have?