Easy Ways To Transform Your Bathroom With Bath Towels and Mats

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    Easy Ways To Transform Your Bathroom With Bath Towels and Mats

We all know that a bathroom renovation is quite costly, but what can you do if you want to update your bathroom without spending a fortune? The answer is […]

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Beautiful Bathrooms

I love a beautiful bathroom and there are so many on the net at the moment. Adore magazine Editor Loni Parker revealed her beautiful renovated bathroom and it […]

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How To Design The Perfect Family Bathroom

Family life can mean that various areas of your home need to be redesigned as they’re not family-friendly enough, and although expensive these redesigns are, for the most part, […]

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6 Favourite Bathrooms 2018

I love a good bathroom design.  The Block are currently working on bathroom week and I am so inspired by everyones beautiful bathrooms.

Here are my 6 favourite bathrooms for […]

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Bring Balance To The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Not only should it be a sanctuary where you can feel both clean and comfortable within your […]

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There’s something about Pink Bathrooms

I’ve seen a lot of blush pink in interiors lately and I have to say I’m in love.  A throw, a cushion, a print, but what about a bathroom?

Now […]

Baths in Ensuites

I’m thinking of adding a bath to my ensuite.  Once the extension of the master bedroom is complete later on this year, I will have added an extra 4 metres to […]