Everyone loves a mourish, indulgent and wickedly delicious treat every now and then.  This recipe of Cherry Rocky Road will deliver just that.

As part of the inaugural Salt&Pepper Bake Off, Rocky Road is a quick and easy dessert or sweet treat that you will love.  You can vote for this recipe on the Salt&Pepper Facebook page here.


Rockyroad 1_opt

Easy ingredients and practically no preparation make this a simple fast treat displayed on the LOFT Wooden Conversion Board.


  • 400g cooking chocolate
  • 150g unsalted butter,diced
  • 150g mini marshmallows
  • 90g tea biscuits, roughly crushed
  • 100g glace cherries




rockyroad 3_opt


  • Melt the butter and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave.  Checking regularly.
  • When both have melted, stir them with the SOHO Silicone Spoon  I used the spoon rest ( it comes with the silicone spoon) so I didn’t get chocolate everywhere.  Mix them together until they are smooth.
  • Add all the remaining ingredients to the chocolate mixture.  Mix well.


rockyroad 4_opt

  • Mix together and try your best not to eat any.


  • Spread the mixture into the prepared Heavy Bake Baking Tray using the SOHO Silicone Spatula.  The spatula allow you the spread the mixture easily without it sticking to much.
  • Put the tray in the fridge to set.  This will usually take overnight but if you can’t resist then check after 4 hours.


Cut into slices and serve with a cuppa. Yummy…..

This is so delicious and sweet, perfect for a quick dessert.

Cooking items from Salt&Pepper were gifted as participation of the Salt&Pepper Bake Off.