As the weather gets a little warmer, I desperately needed to buy some Spring/Summer clothing for Archer.  He has grown so much in the last couple of months.  His t’shirts were getting to short and his shoes were to small.

After a quick clean up and a check list to see what he needed I was ready to purchase.  We also have a couple of events coming up in November and December so I wanted Archer to have outfits for this as well. It all had be versatile and mix and match and be good value.

  • 3 birthday parties, a 16th, 18th and a 45th
  • Karate Presentation night
  • Carols at primary school
  • Family pre Christmas lunch
  • Christmas Day family lunch
  • Boxing Day family lunch
  • and I’m sure there will be other events

This is what I bought.


Converse and Indie Kids light long sleeved top.




Indie kids shorts with leather belt, two Indie Kids tanks and Converse.



Seed high tops.



Indie Kids tshirt, shorts and Havaianas.



Indie Kids short sleeved shirt and shorts.

Indie Kids can be bought here.

Seed high tops here.

Converse here.

Do you like to buy in bulk for your kids?

What have you bought lately for your little ones?  I’d love to hear from you.