The Easiest Cake Ever

This would have to be the easiest cake ever! I know it looks complicated but it really isn’t and today I’ll show my shortcut secrets.  My daughter had a […]

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Flower Styling

Styling with flowers can be so much fun.  It really makes your photos come alive.  Nature does that.  I love bright colourful flowers and especially when they are fresh […]

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5 Things You Should Do This Spring

Yay, Spring has sprung and because I live in Melbourne this is kind of exciting because it means we may actually see the sun.  In fact as I right […]

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Flower Edit – Styling with Flowers

Flowers and foliage bring life and interest to a room.  It doesn’t have to be a huge bunch, just a stem from the garden is all that’s needed to […]

Styling With Flowers At Home

I love styling with flowers at home.  I buy a bunch of fresh flowers from the florist each week.  I don’t just buy them to photograph but I love […]

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What’s New This Week

After a very long school holidays and let me be honest, it was a very long school holidays this Winter I have finally had a chance to get back […]

Around Here Lately

So Winter has finally settled into Melbourne and it has been very cold. Here’s a bit about what I’ve been doing around here lately.

Time for the Winter knits, slouchy […]

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My Week In Pictures

The week’s seem to be flying past don’t they?  My three kids have settled into their schools for the year.  I thought that with my littlest boy off to […]

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