I find teenage boys the most difficult to buy for.  With no clear indication given to me from my eldest son about what he would like for his birthday, I set off blindly to the shops.

My top 5 teenage gifts are;



1. Tshirts

They can never ever have enough.  There are some great stores out there that just sell Tshirts and often have buy 2 for $40.00.

T-Bar is a great one stop shop for tshirts for boys and girls and did you know that it belongs to the Cotton On family?  Not to badly priced either.



2. PJ’s and Hoodies

For teen boys or girls, Hoodies and PJ’s are a must.  I picked up these from David Jones.  It may not be the most wanted gift but they need them none the less.

teen 4_opt


3.  Gumball Machine

Every teen needs a gum ball machine in their bedroom.  To curb that sweet tooth and they can chew all they like whilst skyping/face timing their friends.  The gum ball machine is from Typo and the gum balls that fit the machine perfectly are from Little Big Company.

Also any accessory to do with their iPhones (or mobile phones) is a great gift and also post it notes.  They need them so they can jot down little reminders for themselves.



4. Headphones

Teens need headphones like these Beats by Dr. Dre from here.  As their whole life existence evolves around the iPad or their mobile phone they will need a good quality pair of headphones to listen to their favourite U Tube videos.



5. A live DJ Software Controller

And lastly anything to do with music a teen will love.  I know my son loves to remix music and this Numark iDJ software controller for the iPad, iPhone or iPod would be fantastic.  You can purchase it from here.

I am sure any teen boy or girl would love this.

If you have a teen that you need to buy for I hope this helps you out.